Dirty Lesley Stahl Told President Trump in Her October 2020 Interview Before the Election the Hunter Biden Laptop "Can't Be Verified"

Lesley Stahl has quite a career of lies.
Her most famous interview to date was when she lied repeatedly to the American public in her interview with President Trump in October 2020 before the presidential election.

Stahl was carrying water for the Brandon crime family. She must be very proud. The country is doing so well. You can thank the far left hacks in the fake news media for doing their best to lie to the American public about Brandon and his family’s crimes. To this day the mainstream media still won’t report on Joe’s obvious dementia that is obvious to everyone else in the world.

Back in October 2020 President Trump defended himself in his interview with Stahl saying there was proof of Brandon’s criminal actions in Hunter Brandon’s laptop.

Lesley Stahl shut him down.

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