DNC to Fly Anti-Republican Plane Above GOP Debate Despite Cries About 'Climate Emergency' | The Gateway Pundit

The oh-so environmentally-conscious hypocrites at the Democratic National Committee have reportedly hired a pilot to fly a banner around Milwaukee on Wednesday night to paint Republicans as extreme during the first primary debate.

Nothing says, “we’re in a climate emergency,” quite like needless emissions from an aircraft full of leftists.

Is there a climate conference in town?

No, Democrats want to “troll” the GOP in an attempt to paint the party as extreme, The Hill reported.

A DNC official told The Hill that the banner will read: “GOP 2024: A Race for the Extreme MAGA Base.”

Writing for The Hill, Julia Mueller reported, “The plane and banner, set to take flight Wednesday night, come as part of an aggressive media blitz from the DNC and the Brandon campaign as Republican White House hopefuls gather in Milwaukee to take the debate stage.”

The party also has three billboards in the city that will go after Republicans and another “mobile” billboard that will take its ineffectual messages on the road to innocent Wisconsinites.

The hypocrisy of the party of doom’s decision to fly an airplane around needlessly was not lost on social media:

Greta Thunberg was apparently unavailable for comment.

As X, formerly called Twitter, users pointed out, the DNC’s gimmick is disingenuous and desperate.

The Democratic Party has overseen the unraveling of America in just two-and-a-half years, so now it’s resorted to trying to use “MAGA” as a pejorative — from the sky.

Democrats haven’t scheduled such a needless flight since Monday when Air Force One took a very sleepy President Brandon to Hawaii to inconvenience locals who have lost everything in fires on Maui.

They will still tell you to buy an electric car, turn in your gas stove and stop eating beef to change the weather, though.

The next time one of these people starts in on carbon footprints, perhaps Wisconsin will recall the DNC’s stunt.

It gets very cold in the state during winters, and homes can’t be heated with Brandon and his party’s hot air.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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