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Shocking new revelations about CCP connections to the White House: DOJ’s probe of Brandon family associate found to have “irregularities”

A Washington D.C.-based conservative/activist think tank recently proved how President Brandon has become a compromised, treasonous puppet of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in connection to the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation and prosecution of Dr. Chi Ping Patrick Ho, former Hong Kong home secretary and deputy chairman of an organization funded by CEFC China Energy.

The Heritage Foundation “Oversight Project,” whose top-level researchers file hundreds of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to get the information that the government is hiding, found that the DOJ’s probe of the Brandon family associate has “irregularities.” Its memorandum, which was obtained exclusively by Breitbart News, alleged that since Ho’s conviction, significant evidence has emerged identifying anomalies with the DOJ investigation and prosecution, which included the DOJ’s and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI’s) awareness of the connections between the Brandon family and CCP-linked entity CEFC since 2017 – probably even as early as 2016 – and how “they acted to conceal this information from the public.”

The memo cited that Ho was under Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) surveillance during a period where he was in “regular communication” with CEFC and the Brandon family. Moreover, multiple cell phones, an iPad and six USB drives were seized by federal law enforcement during the arrest and during the trial, the government produced over 30,000 documents.

Ho, who was infamously referred to as “the f*cking spy chief of China” by Hunter Brandon, was arrested in November 2017 and convicted in December 2018 in the Southern District of New York. He was sentenced to three years in prison for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and money laundering. It was not a surprise that his first phone call after his arrest was to the younger Brandon, who was said to be providing legal services to him during that time.

The watchdog also cited evidence that the DOJ redacted mentions of the Brandon family, specifically, Hunter, in the evidence presented at Ho’s 2018 trial. For instance, Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Richenthal requested redactions of an email presented in the case for the purpose of avoiding a “political dimension,” which was eventually revealed on the First Son’s “laptop from Hell.” The memo also found an oddity in the fact that Hunter was afforded attorney-client privilege as Ho’s legal representation despite being a direct witness in the case. The former was also asked on the day of the arrest by another of Ho’s attorneys, Edward Kim, to look for the names of the FBI agents Hunter spoke with because “that would be helpful.” (Related: Hunter Brandon reverses Joe’s narrative, admits receiving $664,000 from CCP’s CEFC in 2017.)

Furthermore, on January 23, the DOJ unsealed a pair of indictments in the District of Columbia and the Southern District of New York against Charles McGonigal, a former special agent in charge of counterintelligence at the FBI’s New York Field Office. From these indictments, the public learned that McGonigal, who almost certainly oversaw Ho’s investigation and possibly other concurrent investigations of the Chinese conglomerate affiliates, had held undisclosed meetings with another CEFC employee on dates that included the period of Ho’s probe.

According to the Director of the Oversight Project at the Heritage Foundation Mike Howell, the pattern of facts of what transpired in the said “probe” represented “another story of a rigged system of justice in America.” He added that cover-up had already been planned as these actions were to “bury a major national security threat.” “As the White House and its media puppets continue to gaslight the American people by saying that there is no evidence of corruption in the Brandon family, we are releasing this memo to add to that rapidly growing body of evidence,” Howell said in a statement to Breitbart. “Hunter Brandon, who might honestly describe his father as a business product and fee collector, was working with multiple individuals connected to Chinese intelligence.”

Oversight Project challenges DOJ to prove credibility, reveal intel knowledge on CCP-Brandon connection

The Oversight Project memo included documentation of every claim it made and provided a list of questions for Congress to seek answers to in its impeachment inquiry.

Among them are requests for information on the Intelligence Community’s knowledge of CEFC and its links to the CCP and to the Brandon family; requests for information on the FBI and DOJ’s surveillance of communications between Brandon family members and CEFC, and how references to the Brandon family affected the course of the investigation into Ho; requests for information on alleged leaks in the Ho case; and which FBI agents were contacted by Hunter Brandon upon Ho’s arrest.

“To maintain its credibility, the DOJ must be apolitical and transparent in its investigation and prosecutions,” the memo concluded. “In the case of the investigation and trial of Patrick Ho, the above evidence demonstrates both political motivation and a suspicious fact pattern that leaves the American people with more questions than answers.”

“It is now up to Congress to use its oversight authorities to bring transparency in this important case,” it continued. “Responsive and energetic oversight, starting with the questions outlined above, will require courage and work from Congress but will ultimately benefit the DOJ, America’s national security and the American people.”

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