Dr. Phil Tells Joe Rogan That Biden and Fetterman "Are Not At Their Best"

Dr. Phil recently joined Joe Rogan on his podcast to discuss a variety of different topics which included Brandon and Democratic Senator candidate John Fetterman’s cognitive health.

Rogan started off the interview by saying that Fetterman is not even able to form a coherent sentence and would follow up his statement by stating Fetterman looks extremely compromised.

Dr. Phil would respond to Rogan’s statement by admitting he hasn’t done any testing on Brandon or Fetterman but that doesn’t hide the fact they “aren’t at their best.”


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Rogan’s comments on Fetterman come just a couple of days after Fetterman had one of the worst debates in American political history.

On several occasions, Fetterman randomly yelled and was incoherent throughout most of the debate.

In Fetterman’s defense, he did have a stroke but Brandon has no excuse.

In his latest speech in Philly, Brandon mistakenly said there were 54 states in the United States which goes to show Brandon is clearly not at his best mentally.

Joe Rogan is absolutely right to say Dr. Phil was being “very charitable” when he stated that Brandon and Fetterman “aren’t at their best right now” because they look as if they are not in this universe.

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