Image: Stupid: EA Sports bans Russian teams from video games in pitiful response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is not a stupid man and as such, you have every reason to believe that before he ordered a military buildup around Ukraine and then an invasion of that country, he thought long and hard about the consequences.

He no doubt anticipated economic sanctions. He and his general staff likely war-gamed various NATO and U.S. response scenarios. He understood well that Ukraine would probably put up some resistance.

But gosh, no doubt he had no idea that a videogame maker would launch a “crippling” response of its own.

As reported by Summit News: “Video game company EA Sports has announced that it will remove all Russian teams from its games “in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The company made the announcement on social media, saying that it is working in line with FIFA, the global football body that has banned Russia from competing in future tournaments.”

In addition, the company also announced it will remove Russian and Belarusian teams from its NHL games.

“The move is part of a spate of pointless virtue signaling that won’t do anything to help Ukrainians or prevent war,” Summit News observed. “Fact check: video games are not real life.”

Other social media users are already looking ahead to the next expected global catastrophe.

Others had opinions as well.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians continue to die thanks to Putin’s decision to invade and try to start World War III in order to take heat off his failing government.

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