Election Drop Box Spotters Catch Man Covering License Plate In Arizona

For the second time this week, election drop-off box spotters have caught someone pulling up to a drop box location in Arizona with their license plate covered.

Melody Jennings the founder of Clean Elections USA, an organization that aims to keep an eye on election drop-off boxes, posted on Truth Social a picture of a man at an undisclosed drop box in Arizona covering up his license plate.

Take a look at the man covering up his plates outside the drop box here:

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Covering up a license plate in Arizona is completely illegal.

According to Arizona state law, “a person shall not apply a covering or any substance to the license plate or use an electronic device or electro-chromatic film that obscures from any angle the numbers, characters, year validating tabs or name of the jurisdiction issuing the plate.”

The big question is why would someone cover up their license plate while pulling up to a drop box location and the only logical answer to that question is they are more than likely conducting illegal activities such as ballot harvesting.

The GatewayPundit previously reported about a license plate being covered at a Phoenix drop box.

While patriots such as Melody Jennings are standing up for election integrity and are keeping watch over ballot boxes the left is attempting to demonize anyone that is keeping watch of ballot boxes.

Arizona Central reported that there have even been multiple police reports on ballot box spotters in Mesa, Arizona this week which goes to show those who are standing up for good are being deemed as evil and those who are evil are being paraded as good.

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