Biden's Surgeon General Launches Latest Crusade to Purge Dissent

Elon Musk fired up Twitter today after offering to buy the Big Tech outlet for $43 billion.

BREAKING: Elon Musk Wants to Buy Twitter for $43 Billion and Transform It Into ‘Private Company’

The responses on Twitter have been great.  One response was from the Saudis who have a stake in the company. Musk responded to their tweet with a tweet.

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Future US Congressman Vernon Jones from Georgia shared that Musk is quickly becoming his favorite African-American.

Comedian Frank J. Flemming shared on Musk’s offer for CNN+ as well.

Another Twitter user shared that Musk is making it impossible for Twitter not to agree to his lucrative offer.

Clay Travis found it funny that lefties on Twitter are freaking about Musk making it a private company.

Amazon-owned newspapers were concerned about Musk’s action.

And as we reported earlier, Twitter hired Goldman Sachs to compute the real price of the company.  Their answer was puzzling because it was much higher than what they recently reported.

Elon Musk is an icon.

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