Elon Musk Says He'll Make Public Internal Twitter Discussions About Decision To Censor Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Elon Musk is going after all the right people.

He took to Twitter to mock the World Economic Forum (WEF) ahead of their Davos summit.

Musk responded to an article titled “Davos Is A Grift And A Cult But It’s Also A Bid For Global Domination” saying, “WEF does kinda give me the willies though, but I’m sure everything is fine 👀.”

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Plus, he asked a good question:

“Are they trying to be the boss of Earth?”

Sadly, many prominent Americans are attending the event – including Republicans.

According to a list from the WEF, 20 Americans are in attendance this year.

The list of names includes John Kerry, FBI Director Christopher Wray, RINO Governor Brian Kemp, and Senator Joe Manchin.


Why are these Americans attending this event?

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