EPIC! Maria Bartiromo Tosses Chris Wallace Under Bus for Hiding BIden Family Crimes from American Public During 2020 Debate (VIDEO)

Leftist Chris Wallace was selected as moderator for one of the 2020 presidential debates. The Democrats knew what they were doing. They knew Wallace put his leftist politics before truth and would do all he could to help Brandon save face. Chris Wallace stopped the debate, lectured President Trump on the Hunter Brandon laptop and $3.5 million dollar payment from the former mayor of Moscow’s wife, and refused ANY discussion on the Hunter Brandon laptop.

On Sunday morning Maria Bartiromo dropped this clip into her opening remarks noting how the media lied about the Hunter Brandon laptop to protect Brandon.

She just dunked on her former colleague Chris Wallace.
This was epic.

>President Trump: So why was he given tens of millions of dollars.

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Brandon: He wasn’t given tens of millions of dollars. That’s totally, that’s totally been discredited.

Chris Wallace: President Trump, we’ve already been through this. I think the American people would rather hear about more substantial subjects…

President Trump: (interrupts)

Chris Wallace: Well, you know as the moderator, sir, I’m going to make a call here.

President Trump: Three and a half million dollars from the mayor of Moscow…

Brandon: That is not true.

President Trump: Why did he get it?

Via Sunday Morning Futures.

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