Exclusive: Democrat Judge BLOCKS $15,000 Donation to Texas Border Law Enforcement as Biden Border Crisis Rages (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Texas Judge Eddie Trevino Jr.

In August, The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson spoke to John Rourke, an Army veteran and the owner of Blue Line Moving.

John is also founder of We Fund The Blue Foundation and the Great American Cleanup, which helps clean up the mess left by illegals in border towns.  The organization also provides disaster relief to areas across the country impacted by natural and man-made disasters.

Following a clean up, the nonprofit raises funds to support, honor and recognize the local law enforcement community.

Following their recent work in Brownsville, Texas, We Fund the Blue donated $15,000 to Precinct 1 in Texas to honor the officers who spent two days alongside other volunteers, in the heat and hazardous conditions, to clean up Brandon’s mess.

Before funds can be accepted by the department, however, the distribution must be approved by the board of county commissioners.

Texas Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. turned this generous gesture into a partisan issue by moving to table the distribution of the funds and attacking the motives of the organization and the officers who generously donated their time.

Constable Esquivel appeared before the board to request approval and shared that the funds would be used to obtain additional equipment and other necessities for his department.

Rather than celebrate the hard work of officers cleaning up HIS border area, Trevino Jr. was combative and politically divisive, attacking We Fund The Blue Foundation’s donation as “political.”

Trevino Jr.: Do they support giving money to …Democrats that are elected to law enforcement? Or just Republicans?

Esquivel: The previous two they did, they were democratic sheriffs.

Trevino Jr.: Which ones?

Esquivel: Del Rio and El Paso.

Trevino Jr.: Oh.

Ultimately, Trevino moved to table the distribution, at least for the time being, and prevent Precinct 1 from accessing the funds to improve their department.

Watch the disgusting display below:

You can support We Fund The Blue and Operation Border Clean Up here!

You can also sign up to get involved in the next opportunity to volunteer and clean up a city near you.

Rourke is on Rumble and Instagram, where he hosts a podcast and shares incredible footage from the southern border.

Watch TGP’s interview to learn about Rourke’s work.

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