EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: John Rourke Discusses The Great American Clean-Up, 25,000 Illegal Immigrants Under a Bridge in Del Rio, TX - Join The September 9-11 Border Clean-Up HERE! | The Gateway Pundit


The Gateway Pundit recently spoke to John Rourke, an Army veteran and the owner of Blue Line Moving and founder of We Fund The Blue Foundation and the Great American Cleanup, about his efforts to clean up border towns and provide disaster relief to areas impacted by natural and man-made disasters.

John’s nonprofit, We Fund The Blue, raises money to give to law enforcement organizations and clean up neighborhoods across the Country. In 2019, Rourke led “Operation Baltimore Cleanup” and picked up TWENTY-SIX TONS of garbage over three days. John and the volunteers also saved the lives of two individuals who overdosed on narcotics.

John Rourke and his team also came to the rescue of residents of East Palestine, Ohio, by delivering tens of thousands of water bottles donated by President Trump following the train derailment and chemical explosion, which thoroughly polluted the waters with toxic chemicals, killed thousands of fish and livestock, and left residents with rashes and other health complications. “When we see something that I feel like the government should be acting, and they’re not, then I’m going to send my trucks in,” Rourke told The Gateway Pundit.

Additionally, Rourke provided relief to residents of Southeast Florida after Hurricane Ian. Rourke even rescued 40 stray dogs while cleaning up the tons of trash left behind by illegal immigrants on the border.

This is truly incredible work that John has dedicated his time and money to. Rourke told us, “We’re tired of the fake news; we’re tired of the all-talk, no-action politicians. So I’m choosing to do the opposite of that. I’m choosing to show you what’s really going on, and I’m taking action by doing the cleanup and donating money to our police department because we raise $10,000 every year through my nonprofit, We Fund The Blue.”

The living conditions for illegal immigrants are like “Naked and Afraid: The Southern Border Edition,” said John. These people are being stuffed into encampments near the border and under the International Bridge in Del Rio by the thousands. John spoke about the nearly 25,000 illegals who were placed under the bridge by the Brandon Regime. See the video footage on his Instagram.

Seriously, where are the so-called humanitarian and environmental organizations?

Support We Fund The Blue and Operation Border Clean Up here!

You can also sign up to get involved in the next opportunity to volunteer and clean up a city near you. All are invited to join the Great American Cleanup at the border on September 9-11, where they will clean up the border and deliver all donated funds to the Constable’s office to take care of law enforcement officers.

Rourke is on Rumble and Instagram, where he hosts a podcast and shares incredible footage from the southern border.

In the interview with The Gateway Pundit, Rourke discussed his America First moving company, We Fund The Blue’s cleanup efforts in major cities and border towns, and the need for President Trump’s strong border policies over Brandon’s America Last open border crisis. Rourke also spoke out on the federal government’s attempts to hide the humanitarian crisis at the border from the public and prevent us from knowing about the encampments with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in horrendous living conditions.

All money donated goes to support the police and clean up America. John said, “I would love to give $100,000 to a police department.” He continued, “I would love for 1,000 people to show up at my cleanup and really shine a light on the border.”

Watch the incredible 40-minute interview below:

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