F Joe Biden is Back

We’ve seen it before.  The corrupt and senile man representing those who are destroying our county is recognized for his efforts in the destruction of America. 

Last night the chants came back.

After the Buccaneers staged an awesome fourth quarter comeback Monday to knock off the New Orleans Saints, a portion of the crowd began chanting “fuck Brandon” in unison at the top of their lungs.

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We haven’t reported on this familiar chant in months.

And again in the most satanic speech in US history.

BREAKING: **PATRIOT WITH BULLHORN** Interrupts Brandon’s Sick Speech — Protester Screams “F*ck Brandon!” (VIDEO)

Most voters agree with this too.

59% of Likely Voters Say “F*ck Brandon” is Appropriate, 77% Say “Let’s Go Brandon” Appropriate… But Brandon TOTALLY Got 81 Million Votes

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