FACTCHECK BIDEN: "You're Not Gonna Get COVID If You Have These Vaccinations"

Brandon claimed in 2021 that if you take the COVID vaccinations, you won’t get COVID.  This past weekend Brandon proved himself false. 

Over the weekend, it was reported that Brandon has contracted COVID for a second time.

BREAKING: Quadruple Vaxxed Brandon Tests Positive For Covid Again… Will Restart Isolation

Previously Brandon assured Americans that they were not going to get COVID if they have COVID vaccinations.

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Now that Brandon is sick again people are wondering if Brandon will get fact-checked on the above claim.  Brandon was very wrong in telling Americans that they would no longer get COVID once they were vaxed.  This was not true at all.

Others tried to tell us that the Fauci and Birx mandates were justified.  That those who stood up against these absurdities were let go and lost their livelihoods.

Twitchy wrote:

People’s lives were impacted by the Covid Vaccination push. The science may still be out on the statistical relevance of the negative impacts of the vaccine itself, but people who lost their jobs and livelihoods when their employers mandated vaccination were directly affected by Brandon’s claims. If it was clear that efficacy was uncertain, perhaps there would have been more tolerance for personal choice.

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