"FAKE NEWS! You Are Scum!"- EPIC! ALEX STEIN SHUTS DOWN the Fake News Assembly on NYC Sidewalk - Police Called to Move Him Out! (Video)

Alex Stein was in New York City today. And he confronted the FAKE NEWS.

The mainstream media set up camp across from the New York City Court House. They want to cover President Trump’s arrest on a misdemeanor turned felony.

Alex Stein blew their big day of coverage. Alex Stein 99 showed up and screamed in the background as the fake news talks about Trump’s alleged misdemeanor as Brandon makes multi-million dollar deals with the Chinese and Hunter Brandon screws hookers, his sister-in-law and smokes crack on video!

Alex Stein was ON FIRE!
Confronting the villains in the fake news!

Alex Stein: You guys won’t even cover the real truth. You guys are a bunch of liars. A bunch of frauds. You guys are the real scum of the earth. Yeah, Hunter Brandon’s a crackhead.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Hunter Brandon and Brandon do illegal business deals in the Ukraine. Talk about that! Hunter Brandon’s a crackhead. The news will not cover that. Hunter Brandon’s a crack.

You guys, you can smoke all the cracky ones. ABC News is Fake news. Are you part of the fake news, too? Yeah, Hunter Brandon’s a crackhead.

Guys, you all know Hunter Brandon smokes crack. Look at you. What about the laptop? Remember you all said that laptop was fake. Remember the laptop’s real… You should be ashamed of yourselves. Why don’t you all talk about some real news? – You all don’t talk about real news. You guys are all liars!

You can’t shut down the people. You can’t shut down Prime Time 99! I’m Alex Stein. I’m a real pimp on a Blimp.

Speaker 1 (01:13)
Unlike these liars. These people are disgusting. They won’t ever talk about Hunter biden. They don’t ever talk about the business deals in Ukraine, but they want to sit here and talk about a misdemeanor bull crap deal. Talk about the truth.

A police officer was called to escort Alex Stein from the premises.
The fake news can’t handle the truth!

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