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FACEBOOK files: FBI communicated more than once with tech giant to cover up Hunter Brandon’s “Laptop from Hell”

Chair of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) recently revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents involved in Hunter Brandon’s “Laptop from Hell” investigation lied about the extent of its communications with Facebook in 2020.

In the excerpts of the testimony given by Elvis Chan, who served as one of the FBI’s liaisons with the tech company, and Laura Dehmlow, the current FBI section chief of the Foreign Influence Task Force, the agency claimed that it only met one time with the social media platform. In the November 2022 sworn deposition, which is a part of Missouri and Louisiana’s lawsuit against the federal government and the Brandon administration for colluding with social media companies to censor speech, Chan claimed that apart from one instance, he was not aware of any meetings between FB and the FBI regarding the younger Brandon’s laptop story. He also claimed that he had “no internal knowledge” of the investigation.

However, the uncovered internal communication, which Jordan dubbed as “Facebook Files” and obtained by the committee through a subpoena, proved these to be “completely false.” It revealed that contrary to his claims of having no knowledge about the investigation, the FBI agent had a secret ‘follow-up’ call with Facebook on October 15, just one day after the New York Post story and the first FB meeting. He confidently told the tech company that “there was no evidence of any foreign connection …of the leaks.”

Also, when Facebook initially asked the FBI if the presidential son’s laptop story was real, Dehmlow said: “No comment.” But at that point, the agency was fully aware that the laptop was real, according to Jordan. “The laptop was real, and the FBI knew it,” the congressman posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “The FBI had the laptop since December 2019… “Is there any wonder why the Brandon DOJ has so far stonewalled the Committee’s efforts to interview Agent Chan?”

The personal portable computer contained lots of Hunter’s financial information, plus reams of messages between him and his father, in preparation for the November 2020 election. The laptop also contained a large number of deeply embarrassing photos of the troubled lawyer cavorting with prostitutes and taking drugs, at the height of his addiction.

The FBI knew that the laptop obtained by the New York Post had belonged to Hunter Brandon, and the photo (above) of him in a drug-addled state was real, yet refused to confirm its authenticity to Facebook and Twitter, the congressman claimed.

Over the last two weeks, Jordan has released several tranches of internal company emails, court records, and various documents related to Facebook that Republicans are pointing to as “smoking gun” evidence that the Brandon administration and Big Tech firms ran afoul of the First Amendment. (Related: SMOKING GUN: Rep. Jim Jordan presents evidence showing how the Brandon administration pressured Zuckerberg’s Meta to censor Americans.)


House GOPs file amicus brief on lawsuit against Brandon’s censorship on COVID-19 and Hunter’s laptop

Revelations from those files were included in the amicus brief filed by House GOPs, accusing the current regime of exerting “direct and coercive” pressure on social media companies. Twelve House Republicans filed the said amicus curiae brief on Tuesday to accelerate the ongoing lawsuit that alleges that the Brandon administration colluded with tech and socmed companies to censor First Amendment-protected content about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and Hunter Brandon.

The members, who all sit on the House Judiciary Committee or its weaponization of government subcommittee, joined the case because they have uncovered smoking gun documents relevant to the case. The Republicans cited in a trove of material they had subpoenaed from Meta that indicated the company employees were “pressured” by the White House to suppress discourse about lab leak theory as COVID-19 origin, a topic that was pointed as “conspiracy theory” but now has been slowly gaining proofs to be possible and not far-fetched.

The brief also detailed testimony that GOPs heard from an official with the FBI related to Hunter’s laptop, which first made headlines in the heat of Brandon’s presidential campaign back in October 2020. “Rather than acknowledge the truth, the FBI actively influenced and deceived the social media companies to censor the story,” the brief further read.

In July, U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty issued a sweeping preliminary injunction against the Brandon administration, stating in a 155-page memorandum of his decision that he found an “almost dystopian scenario” where the government “seems to have assumed a role similar to an Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth.'”

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