FEMA Administrator Questioned Over Maui Disaster and Lack of Assistance - Her Response Says It All (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Deanne Criswell is current FEMA Director serving under Brandon. Criswell is the first woman nominated to lead the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The Brandon administration cheered her appointment noting that Deanne has a strong background in climate change. That’s an important attribute for a FEMA director when fires are destroying communities and floods and tornadoes are leveling mainland cities and towns.

On Friday Criswell was asked why the people of Maui report no sign of government assistance after the historic fire that ripped across the island killing over 100 locals.

Notice how the fake news reporters are NOT screaming at her for her failed emergency operation in Maui.

Criswell did not deny the claims but blamed it on the trauma they are experiencing.

Via Midnight Rider.

Now IMAGINE a Trump administration delaying assistance for two weeks after the fire of a century kills over 100 Americans! Imagine how his FEMA Director would be treated by the media!

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