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FEMA orders media “blackout” of all Maui disaster images – what are they trying to hide?

An anonymous tip claims that in a letter dated Aug. 19, 2023, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ordered an official media blackout on all new disaster footage.

Allegedly signed off on by Justin Angel Knighton, the director of FEMA’s Office of External Affairs, the letter reportedly states that the media is not to show any footage or photos of the disaster’s aftermath, likely because visual evidence would blow major holes in the official story of what happened.

“A person wishing to stay anonymous has sent me this email by FEMA sent to their nonprofit who is headed to Maui to help with disaster relief,” reported Anthony Cabasa.

“They say they are being asked to STOP posting any images or videos while on the ground effective immediately.”

The letter states that the media should avoid showing anything about the Lahaina disaster “[o]ut of respect for those who perished,” and not because the government is trying to hide something.

“… we were asked by Maui County officials to pause on posting on social media and elsewhere new imagery of damage / disaster / debris starting now,” one media source confirmed about the letter.

“They are asking for a full stop on disaster imagery going forward. At this time, we have not been asked to take any photos or video down. Our team on the ground is coordinating with the County for further guidance to ensure we remain fully aligned. Cultural sensitivity is of the utmost importance in all our response and recovery activities to this disaster.”

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FEMA is LYING, claiming it has been closely coordinating with Brandon to help Lahaina survivors

Fox News‘ Will Cain confirmed much of this as well, stating that he believes his network is currently “the only national media in West Maui.”

“I haven’t seen any other crews,” Cain said. “And they tried to censor us and shut us down. ‘West Maui is a media free zone.’ We only got through the checkpoints because I’m a property owner in West Maui. They have this place on info lockdown from Waihee to Maalaea.

While there are, in fact, a number of citizen journalists present in and around West Maui, Cain says Fox is the only “official” news source that has been able to gain access to the affected area because of FEMA’s orders.

Nick Sortor, one such citizen journalist, has been documenting the ever-worsening situation in West Maui. According to Sortor, the only people helping the survivors right now are non-governmental entities.

“It’s essentially ALL volunteer and non-profit operations,” Sortor confirmed. “FEMA is doing practically nothing. Very frustrating.”

Keep in mind that FEMA administrator Deanne Criswell is begging Congress for more funding, claiming that the agency is about to run out of cash in the coming weeks apart from a massive taxpayer-funded injections.

According to Criswell, she and FEMA have been working closely with fake president Brandon throughout the disaster to coordinate a response. We wonder how this is possible, though, considering Brandon has been on vacation the entire time, first on a beach in Delaware, then in Lake Tahoe.

Was the disaster in Lahaina a false flag attack by the government against We the People? Learn more at FalseFlag.news.

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