First Action Congress Takes After News of 7.9% Record Inflation is to Pass Another $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill

You just can’t make this up.
The February inflation rate soared to 7.9% in February. The biggest factors included gas, food, and shelter — basic life essentials.


This was up from 7.5% in January.

Inflation was at 1.4% when President Trump left office a little over a year ago.

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After the stolen election, inflation has gone up 6.5% since Brandon and Democrats took over the government.

The Brandon White House responded to the inflation news by suggesting Americans purchase $60,000 electric cars on Thursday morning.

The news did not phase Pelosi and the US Congress.

Also on Thursday Pelosi and her fellow lawmakers passed another $1.5 spending bill.  The bill includes an astonishing 15 billion to Ukraine.  

It was like the inflation news never happened.

These people really don’t care about you.

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