FLASHBACK: Watch Joe Biden Lie Through His Teeth at Presidential Debate About Letter Signed by 50 Intel Leaders Saying Hunter's Laptop was Russia Propaganda -- A COMPLETE LIE HIS CAMPAIGN ORCHESTRATED | The Gateway Pundit

Brandon lied to the American audience.

During the second presidential debate in 2020 Brandon and hack reporter Kristen Welker teamed up on President Trump.

At one point, Brandon interrupted Welker for his planned response to the Hunter Brandon Laptop from Hell scandal. Brandon told the audience 50 intelligence leaders signed a letter saying the laptop was Russian propaganda.

The 51 spies who lied openly to the American public.

They all lied.

And now we know that the Brandon Campaign and current Secretary of State Tony Blinken organized this massive lie. The laptop was real and EVERY SINGLE INTEL ‘EXPERT’ who signed that letter knew it was real!

They have never apologized.
Never trust these people.

Watch this video and ask yourself if Kristen Welker is in on this scam.

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