Flint, Michigan Settles Sexual Harassment, Discrimination Lawsuit

Former Flint Police Detective Mary Buszek and Police Spokesman Tyrone Booth

Flint, Michigan city officials disclosed the settlements paid to city employees for sexual harassment and discrimination in a city council meeting this week.

Former Flint Police Det. Mary Buszek received $175,000 from the city after she was repeatedly harassed by Tyrone Booth, the current spokesman for the department and police detective. Buszek says Booth ordered her to perform oral sex on him during business hours.

From a reader: “Especially noteworthy is the largest payout of hush money, so far, was $175K for the behavior of the current six-figure salary spokesman of the department. He remains employed after demanding sex, harassing female colleagues with sexually explicit texts and phone calls, ordering one woman to give him oral sex at work, thrusting his penis in her face while she worked at a desk, trying to get her fired for not complying, then taunting her that she couldn’t do anything about it because he had too much city hall clout.”

The report was released to ABC12 this week.

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ABC12 reported:

Details of a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against the City of Flint are now being made public.

ABC12 has obtained a copy of the lawsuit involving more than a dozen city of Flint employees in various departments. The Flint City Council recently voted to approve a settlement for some of the employees.

The largest pay out went to former Flint Police Det. Mary Buszek. While working for the department, Buszek claimed she was sexually harassed by Tyrone Booth through phone calls and text messages asking her to perform oral sex on him.

According to the lawsuit, Buszek claims harassment began shortly after she refused Booth’s sexual advances. She believes that she then received unfair and manufactured disciplines.

During a recently Flint City Council meeting, Councilman Eric Mays voted against approving the $175,000 settlement because he believes the settlement is a cover up.

“You might want to not discuss the facts because of who is involved, and I understand that,” said Mays. “Is that in the best interest of the city? Sometimes the best interest of the city is to clean up a mess more than to hide the mess.”

City council members learned of the details of the lawsuit in executive session, so what they discussed is not public information.

“We listened to all sides and came to the conclusion the best thing for city of Flint is to settle this lawsuit,” said Councilman Quincy Murphy.

Here is a copy of the settlement.

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