Former Secret Service Agents: Secret Service Would Have Evacuated Joe Biden if the Kiev Air Raid Sirens Were Real (VIDEO)

Former Secret Services agents Dan Bongino and Jeff James confirmed Brandon’s ‘heroic’ walk through Kiev while air raid sirens blared was staged.

Brandon made a surprise trip to Kiev, Ukraine last Monday.

When he walked with Ukrainian President Zelensky into the courtyard in Kiev the air sirens went off.


Brandon was hailed as a ‘brave’ president with ‘guts’ to walk in a warzone.

Dan Bongino and Jeff James said Secret Service would have evacuated Brandon if the Kiev air raid sirens were real.

“The standard Secret Service response would be to evacuate, yet nothing happened!” Dan Bongino said on his Fox News show “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino” on Sunday.

Jeff James suggested the air raid siren was staged to make Brandon look tough.


CNN even called BS on this obvious stunt.

A CNN reporter who has been in Ukraine for the past five days revealed the game.

“I’ve been here for the past five days. I have not heard any explosions. I have not heard any air sirens, until about half an hour ago, right when President Brandon was in the center of Kiev,” CNN’s Alex Marquardt said.


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