Former Wagner Chief Prigozhin Confirmed Dead - DNA Reportedly Found at Crash Site Near Tver | The Gateway Pundit

Russian authorities announced on Sunday that DNA of former Wagner Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin was found near the crash site near Tver.

Officials confirmed Prigozhin was among the victims of the plane crash on Wednesday.

Russian officials made the announcement this morning.

On Wednesday Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged the presumed death of Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin by saying he “made serious mistakes in his life.” Many have speculated, without evidence, that Putin was behind the plane crash that is believed to have killed Prigozhin this week.

Prigozhin, his right-hand man Dmitry Utkin, and eight others are believed to have been on board the flight.

In June Prigozhin’s men reportedly held a daylong mutiny against the Russian military leadership. At the time, President Vladimir Putin decried it as “treason” and vowed punishment, but then cut a deal not to prosecute Prigozhin.

Last week Prigozhin’s plane went down in Russia.

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