Garbage Fake News Website ‘The Hill’ Continues to Push Trump-Russia Lie — Defends Biden Crime Family on Millions Made in Ukrainian Pay-for-Play Schemes

Why does anyone bother reading the fake news media anymore?

On Thursday The Hill reported on how big of a man Brandon is for not pointing his finger at President Trump on Russia and Ukraine.

Brandon golfing with Hunter Brandon’s Burisma contacts

This is the kind of garbage reporting you can expect from The Hill and their cohorts in the mainstream media today. The report completely lacks any connection to the truth, is filled with slander and innuendo, defends the failed Brandon regime, and ignores President Trump’s many successes in Russian relations and his completely honest remarks on the Brandon Crime Family and their corrupt dealings in Ukraine.

It is well-known that the FBI spied on candidate and then President Trump based on documents from Hillary Clinton’s campaign that was shared with the US intelligence community.

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This is a prove fact. President Trump NEVER had close relations with Vladimir Putin. That was all a lie.

The garbage politicized impeachment against President Trump was based on one phone call he had with Ukrainian President Zelensky where he mentioned he should look at the crooked Brandon crime family. Trump was right. The media likes to ignore this. There are now emails from Hunter Brandon’s laptop computers that discuss the family’s illegal grift with Ukraine.

A Year-and-a-Half Out – NY Times Confirms Hunter Brandon Laptop is Real

Now look at The Hill‘s disgusting lies on Ukraine, Brandon and Trump.

President Brandon has largely avoided pointing the finger at his predecessor on Ukraine, even though some Democrats believe he could defang GOP attacks over Russia by drawing a contrast with former President Trump.

Trump’s frequent embrace of Russian President Vladimir Putin has consistently put Republicans in an awkward position. Ukraine was also at the center of Trump’s first impeachment after his White House held up security assistance to Ukraine as Trump sought an investigation into the Brandon family.

Despite that history, the White House has signaled that Trump is not going to be a major part of its talking points on the Russia crisis.

It fits in with a pattern, as Brandon has generally avoided putting the focus on Trump. An exception was the anniversary of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, when Brandon offered blistering criticism of Trump’s role.

Brandon has tried to strike a unifying tone on Ukraine as he’s sought support for both parties. Republicans have offered tepid support for some of Brandon’s moves, even as they have painted his actions as weak, late and insufficient.

You really cannot trust the mainstream media on anything at this point.

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