Geraldo Rivera Embarrasses Himself On Live TV

Gun grabbers know nothing about the guns they are trying to take from law-abiding Americans.

During a segment on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera said that AR-15s have no place in American society.

When asked what “AR” stood for, Geraldo said “Automatic Rifle.”

Nope – the actual meaning of “AR” is ArmaLite rifle.

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Breitbart reported:

FOX News personality Geraldo Rivera backed President Brandon’s push for an “assault weapons” ban and said that the “AR” in AR-15 stands for “automatic rifle” on Tuesday’s The Five.

Newsweek quoted Rivera telling the co-hosts, “I submit to you, ladies and gentlemen, there is no legitimate reason … to have an AR-15.”

Video (Partial Transcript below)

From the video above – partial transcript via Red State:

It’s not a rifle,” Rivera claimed, saying it was a “machine gun.”

“What does AR stand for?” Gutfeld asked him.

“Automatic rifle,” Rivera responded, getting it just ridiculously wrong.

“No, that’s not what it is,” Gutfeld said.

“All I know is is AR-15s have no place in American society, other than sport clubs,” Geraldo insisted.

Geraldo doubled down on his calls for gun control on Twitter:

Geraldo was called out:

Why don’t the gun grabbers learn about guns before trying to take them from law-abiding Americans?

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