INFLATION SKYROCKETING - Prices Up 6.8% Over Last Year

The world elites have destroyed the world economy.  Inflation is reaching historical rates after the mismanagement of COVID. 

First the US, now Germany is reporting massive inflation rates.

The US is at historical inflation highs not seen in 50 years.  Some inflation measurements we have never seen before.

BIDEN ECONOMY: Producer Price Index (Another Measurement of Inflation) Reaches 11.2% – Surpassing Its All-time High

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Now Germany is reaching inflation at historic amounts.  The Conservative Treehouse reports:

The German government released their version of the producer price index for inflation, and they are reporting 30.9% inflation for products leaving German factories.  [DETAILS HERE] That’s the highest rate of inflation since shortly after the second world war.

The inflation rate is being driven mostly by energy costs which are more than 80% higher than last year.   However, each nation’s overall inflation rate is also driven by the amount of central bank spending they used during the COVID economic lockdowns.  The more any govt spent on subsidies, the more money they printed, the more they devalued their money and subsequently, the higher their current rate of inflation.

Germany will have to import more Russian oil to keep prices down.  Ukraine will not like that.

The US and the world are in a mess. 

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