Gold Star Moms Slam Joe Biden Over His Response to the Loss of Their Loved Ones in Afghanistan Suicide Bombing (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Three Gold Star moms who lost their children in the suicide bombing during the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan appeared on ABC News this weekend and slammed Brandon’s response to their loss.

One of the mothers describes Brandon telling her about his son Beau and trying to compare the loss of his son to theirs, which is not a fair comparison at all.

One of them describes the outrage at seeing Brandon check his watch as the remains of the soldiers were received.

RedState has more:

WATCH: Gold Star Moms Rip Into Brandon’s Phoniness in ABC Interview

Sgt. Nicole Gee was the Marine whose image has become the symbol of American humanity. Gee was photographed cradling a baby in her arms. She died “doing a job she loved.” But when Nicole came home, her mother-in-law said, that when it came to “people in suits,” things felt disingenuous and hollow. The casket containing Marine Cpl. Humberto Sanchez was at Dover Air Force Base as well. His grieving mom was at Dover. Brandon greeted Mrs. Sanchez by calling her “Ms. Lopez.”

Why did he do such an awful thing—such a disrespectful error? I have a theory. One of the fallen Marines was named Lopez. His first name was “Hunter.” Brandon was thinking of another son. Not the sons of Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Lopez but his own son Hunter. Brandon then, predictably, launched into his usual conflation about his other son, Beau. He “knew” how “Ms. Lopez” felt because his son Beau was a soldier, and Beau died in the GWT (Global War on Terrorism), too. Of course, he hadn’t. That is a lie. Mrs. Sanchez was mortified. Of course, Brandon didn’t know how she felt. Her son died in the service of his nation. He died helping others. Mrs. Sanchez correctly said Brandon was with his son when Beau died in a hospital bed. Mrs. Sanchez added what we all feel and often say: “It was all about him.” It’s always about Brandon.

Staff Sgt. Darin Hoover’s mom was even more pointed. She couldn’t stand the president. She wouldn’t even meet with him. The Hoover family retreated to a room to escape Brandon’s lies about Beau and his phony empathy. Her daughter and the sister of Staff Sgt. Hoover was also at Dover. She yelled at Brandon, “Burn in Hell.”

Watch the whole video below:

Brandon’s poll numbers have never recovered from the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

His response to these families made things even worse.

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