GOP Candidate Pastor Burns Says "God's Raising Up Armies" to "Shut Down Racist, Liberal, Race-Baiting Democrats"

Pastor John Mark Burns is an American evangelical minister, televangelist, Republican, and political candidate running in 2022 to represent South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District and a strong Trump supporter.

Pastor Mark Burns is also a friend of President Trump.

Earlier this month, Mark Burns made headlines after calling President Trump “the Blackest president we have ever had in this nation,” during his interview with political influencers Diamond and Silk on Lindell TV.

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On Friday, Pastor Burns spoke at the ReAwaken America event in Canton, Ohio, with Eric Trump, Mike Lindell, and Former Lt. General Michael Flynn.

“God is raising up armies. We are going to start having civil disobedience in America,” Burns said during his speech. “We are going to shut down this America led by racist, liberal, race-baiting Democrats,” he continued.

More from Newsweek:

Last October, Burns suggested that fellow pro-Trump Pastor Greg Locke should run for political office. “We gotta recruit Greg Locke to run for federal office, I don’t know, we need him in office.”

Burns argued that the country needs “demon-killing machines” to run for office. Locke last August said that the only people who believe Brandon actually won in 2020 “are crack-smoking, demon-possessed leftists.”

Flynn, who is an organizer of the ReAwaken events, previously endorsed Burns for Congress in December…

…Burns tweeted about his Friday remarks, tweeting, “The Glory of God came down so good today at Clay Clark & Gen. Michael Flynn’s ReAwaken America Tour that I had to take my jacket off in the middle of my speech.” The pro-Trump pastor shared photos of him standing in front of the audience.

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