GP's Jim Hoft Joins Emerald Robinson to Discuss Today's Landmark Federal Class-Action Lawsuit involving Gateway Pundit and America First Legal | The Gateway Pundit

Earlier today The Gateway Pundit announced that our good friends and attorneys at America First Legal and attorney John Sauer filed a massive lawsuit against the cornerstone of online censorship during the 2020 and 2022 elections.  In this suit today, we are suing one of the primary private cabals that coordinated with the federal government to effectively censor millions of people.  A copy of that suit and exhibits are listed below.  As you read this lawsuit.  You will begin to understand what an extraordinary censorship ecology our hidden police state and our ruling oligarchs have built for “We the People.”

The Gateway Pundit Lawsuit … by Jim Hoft

Earlier today The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft joined Emerald Robinson at The Absolute Truth to discuss today’s historic lawsuit.

Emerald Robinson: That brings us to some breaking news today that you have filed another lawsuit. This was America First legal group who are friends of the show against the election censorship complex. Tell us more about this new lawsuit, Jim.

Jim Hoft: This is so exciting. Emerald. So the Gateway Pundit back a year ago now, we were asked to be the lead plaintiff in the Missouri and Louisiana lawsuit against the federal government. This was the lawsuit where we obtained so much information on what was actually going on behind the scenes. I know, Emerald, that you’re a victim of this also, as well as The Gateway Pundit and several other top conservatives. We’ve been shadowbanned, censored, silenced, threatened. Our readers, our audience, have been threatened for just posting up our articles. They’re quasi government private entity organizations that have been created in the past several years. And the Gateway Pundit is always listed number one or two on this list. It’s really unbelievable, Emerald. We’re based in Missouri, but we have a tremendous audience. We have a huge audience, and it’s probably been chopped, I don’t know, in half and by three-quarters by these entities who want to silence us and silence you and silence Frank Speech and silence Gateway Pundit because they did not like the information that we are telling our supporters, our readers, our listeners.

And so now we’re fighting back. And we’re very excited to announce this morning that we’re working with America First Legal, which of course is Stephen Miller’s group, and they’re going to be representing us against some of these large entities. And we have the proof, Emerald. This is what’s exciting, because we were part of the Missouri and Louisiana lawsuit. We already have depositions from Dr. Fauci, from several of the Brandon administration officials, from several of these organizations. We know that there are different groups involved, like Graphika and the Stanford internet Observatory and the Atlantic Council, several of these groups. Now we’re going to go after them and we’re going to ask for damages. So this is a big step forward, and this is a big step for justice in America. It’s a big step for the freedom of speech in America, something our ancestors, our grandparents, our parents just took for granted. Well, now we have to fight that battle. And as you know that, Emerald, you’ve been, of course, one of the main targets along with Gateway Pundit. So this is our battle right now. And I’m very excited to say that this is being filed this morning.

So we’re going to take it to them. We have the receipts, as they say, and we feel very confident with what we have. And so we’re very excited about this.

The lawsuit was filed earlier this morning.

** Please read the lawsuit filed today here.

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