Greg Kelly Tweets Out His Guess on Next SCOTUS Nominee

There is a lot of speculation recently on who Brandon and his handlers will choose as the next Supreme Court nominee.

Greg Kelly from Newsmax tweeted out tonight that it may be Kamala Harris on the Supreme Court.

Greg Kelly from Newsmax tweeted out tonight “It’s gonna be KAMALA on the Supreme Court.”

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Senator Ted Cruz tweeted the other day something similar. He said Kamala might go to the Supreme Court because the Administration can’t stand her.

Today Kamala Harris tweeted on the Supreme Court having a black woman as well.

Meanwhile, Hillary was in New York tonight with the Democrats there.

Is She Running Again? Hillary Clinton Expected to Speak at New York Democrat Convention Next Week

Here’s what this all means.

  • Brandon’s numbers are terrible – they say less than 40% which means potentially less than 20%
  • The economy is in shambles – they say inflation is up 7.5% but gas and food according to your eyes are up 100%
  • Brandon is failing and getting worse physically
  • Kamala is horrible and her numbers are worse than Brandon’s
  • Hillary wants to be President

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