"Half the House Almost Collapsed!" - Joe Biden Lies AGAIN About His House Burning Down During Remarks on Maui and Hurricane Idalia (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Brandon on Wednesday delivered remarks on his administration’s so-called response to Maui wildfires and Hurricane Idalia.

He was an hour late to his remarks and droned on about himself because he’s a raging narcissist.

Brandon doesn’t care about the people in Maui. He sent Maui households a one-time payment of $700 while sending billions of dollars to Ukraine.

For more than a week he callously brushed off reporters asking him for comment on the rising death toll in Maui. Brandon was too busy lounging at the beach in Delaware.

He then took off for a second vacation at a luxury villa in Lake Tahoe, Nevada before reluctantly visiting Maui for a few hours.

As he visited survivors, Brandon droned on and on about himself, the death of his first wife and lied about how he almost lost his cat and Corvette to a house fire.

Brandon once again lied about his burning down.

This is one of his favorite lies. This time half of his house almost collapsed.

“Lightning stuck my house … half the house almost collapsed!” Brandon said.


Brandon has told a version of this lie many times.

It turns out the house didn’t burn down.

In 2004 lightning struck Brandon’s home, starting a small kitchen fire (who hasn’t had a small kitchen fire?) – Jill reported the small fire and it was under control in 20 minutes.

Even WaPo’s ‘fact-checker’ Glenn Kessler has called out Brandon for this egregious lie.

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