Happy 4th! Biden Stutters and Stammers During National Education Association Speech (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila

Brandon finally emerged after hiding out at Camp David for several days and he is in bad shape.

Brandon returned to the White House on Tuesday after cocaine was found in the library, which is located on the grand floor of the White House.

80-year-old Joe participated in an event with the National Education Association from his fake White House set in the South Court Auditorium.

He could barely speak!

“Pre-school for three and four-year-olds so they get the classroom ready for learn,” Brandon said in front of a backdrop with digital fireworks.

“And by the way, recent studies have indicated that if you start skoal around – not, not, daycare – skoal – at three years old, no matter what your background is, no matter what home you come from – you all know the data – the statistics!” Brandon said.


Three and four-year-olds like the granddaughter Brandon disowned?

Is Brandon referring to Navy Joan, the beautiful 4-year-old girl that he refuses to acknowledge as his granddaughter?

The White House has been telling aides that Brandon has six, not seven, grandchildren.

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