President Trump knows that McConnell-backed Mike Durant is John McCain 2.0

Just what we don’t need.  Another wobbly RINO in the US Senate.

John McCain-protégé Mike Durant, who is running for US Senate from Alabama, is refusing to join President Donald Trump in calling for Mitch McConnell’s ouster as Republican Senate leader.

Asked at a recent local Republican Party meeting in Alabama whether he would vote for McConnell to serve as leader, Durant responded, “Well, he’s run unopposed since 2008.”

“No one is running against him,” Durant added. “So, if no one’s running against him, it’s pretty hard not to.”

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Durant’s campaign has strong ties to McConnell. Durant’s spokesperson, a consultant in Washington, D.C. named Jahan Wilcox, lists McConnell as a former employer on his website. Wilcox previously tweeted that he was “#NeverTrump” and called Trump a “clown show.”

The Gateway Pundit previously outlined Durant’s backing from Never Trump and liberal political forces under the moniker “More Perfect Union.”

Fox Business reported that the super PAC supporting Durant’s candidacy is being funded by donors of McConnell, Brandon, Kamala Harris and Mitt Romney. The outlet also reported that More Perfect Union recruited Durant into the race and set up his campaign team before cutting off communications to form the super PAC.

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