Image: The war on America’s food supply moves into horrific new territory with thousands of farms downstream from Ohio Armageddon and countless amount of wildlife already dying

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A massive cover-up is taking place with regard to the dioxin chemical release caused by the “controlled explosion” of the derailed train car contents in East Palestine, Ohio.

Despite continued promises that everything is just fine, the fact of the matter is that everything is not just fine. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discusses this at length in the following episode of the Health Ranger Report – be sure to watch below.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, and the Brandon regime at large all want Americans to believe that the chemical release in East Palestine is inconsequential. According to the Health Ranger and many others, this is actually the biggest and most consequential environmental disaster in American history.

“This molecule is the most toxic molecule that has ever been created by humankind,” Adams explains about 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzodioxin (TCDD), which was released in the massive chemical plume.

“It’s part of a class of molecules, chemicals, about 75, that are formed when you combust chlorinated compounds such as vinyl chloride, which is what the train was carrying that crashed in East Palestine, Ohio.”

“This molecule is, I’m just guessing, but at least a billion times more toxic than glyphosate – maybe even more.”

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There is no chemical class more toxic than dioxins

Not only are the authorities downplaying the truth about the dioxin release, but they are also intentionally misleading people about the severity of dioxin exposure – even at very low levels.


“This molecule, dioxin, or one molecule of a class of dioxins, is always created because of the laws of chemistry when you combust chlorinated compounds in the presence of oxygen,” the Health Ranger says.

“And since they poured the vinyl chloride in a ditch and set fire to it, they created a dioxin factory. They generated this, which did not exist on the train in any appreciable quantity, before they set fire to it.”

So, what about all those “experts” who showed up in East Palestine to wade in a few rivers and streams and declare everything to be “safe?” They have yet to experience the long-term impacts of dioxin exposure which include cancer and early death.

“Dioxins are slow-acting poisons,” the Health Ranger warns. “They are the most toxic substance that has ever been created. They are produced in industrial processes, in the formation of PVC pipes, for example.”

The EPA’s own documents warn about dioxins from backyard burning and household fires, which often include the burning of chlorinated chemicals in things like old clothing and plastics. These poisons are difficult to remove from the body once they get there, but the Health Ranger has natural solutions at his disposal to help.

“They took a small disaster and made it the biggest act of ecological terrorism that has ever been committed in America,” he says about the “controlled explosion” that released all these dioxins into the environment.

“To anybody who says there are no dioxins in East Palestine or in any of the fallout zones: go conduct a dioxin test in the soils, send them off to a lab, and see what the results are.”

Don’t miss the Health Ranger’s powerful video on this important subject. He breaks down in much detail how dioxins affect the body, as well as how to expel them with green vegetables, chlorella, and other natural solutions.

More related news coverage about the corrupt EPA and its failure to accurately assess the East Palestine disaster can be found at

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