Here Are 100 Times Press Secretary KJP Tells Reporters She "Doesn't Have Anything"

The Brandon Press Secretaries have one of the worst jobs on the planet – defending the indefensible.

Jen Psake used to tell reporters she would “circle back” when she was stuck defending the regime.

To defend Brandon’s insanity and destruction of America was a difficult job, even in front of a biased-far-left press.

The one answer she often ended up with was, “I’ll have to circle back”.

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Of course, she never did.

Psaki was replaced by new Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.  She too is unable to answer the common sense questions from the admiring press.  Her standard reply is that she just “doesn’t have anything”.

In summary – The Brandon Press Secretaries have had to circle back and they just don’t have anything. 

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