HERE COME THE ILLEGALS! Migrant Hordes Storm Across Rio Grande into US Like African Herd Animals as Title 42 Is Lifted (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit


The US Border Patrol is readying for the largest illegal migrant surge at the southern border in US history staring today.

Brandon’s regime lifted Title 42 TODAY – Already, 700,000 to One Million illegals have assembled at the border ready to surge across the US southern border. Brandon has opened the borders to millions of illegal invaders.

22,000 apprehensions were recorded at the border near El Paso over the weekend.

Investigative journalist Michael Yon reported that 24 buses of illegal aliens left Darien up Highway 1 on the way to Costa Rica to the USA border.

Already this morning the migrant hordes look like herd animals crossing the Mara River in Africa.

THOUSANDS OF ILLEGALS are crossing the Rio Grande into America – The greatest invasion in history has begun.

Here’s the video by Todd Bensman near Brownsville, Texas.

This video was taken on Tuesday. The migration is just getting started.

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