Here We Go: Jen Psaki Compares GOP Talking Points on Serial Criminal and Crackhead Hunter Biden to Putin | The Gateway Pundit

When all is lost, blame Russia.

Years after the Russian hoax was debunked by federal investigators Democrats still like to throw down the Russia card when they are backed into a corner.

Jen Psaki, who knows better, compared Republican discoveries on the Brandon Crime family’s multi-million dollar foreign influence-peddling scheme to Putin’s talking points.

Their supporters really are that dumb.

The Hill reported:

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday that Republicans’ rhetorical strategy of comparing the alleged wrongdoings of former President Trump and those of Hunter Brandon creates a “false equivalency” and mirrors tactics employed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and other authoritarian regimes.

“[Republicans want to] muddy the waters out there. That, by the way, is a tactic that Vladimir Putin and other authoritarian dictators use,” Psaki, an MSNBC host, said on “José Díaz-Balart Reports.”

“But that’s their strategic objective — to make it all seem the same,” the former top spokesperson for President Brandon added.

Psaki noted that the president’s son, whose plea deal on tax- and gun-related charges recently fell apart in court, has become a provocative talking point for the GOP base, but she stressed the charges he faces are very different from Trump’s.

“Raising Hunter Brandon is something that certainly gets the Republican base going. What they want, strategically, is there to be this false equivalency between Hunter Brandon — who, yes, didn’t pay taxes for two years, didn’t register his gun. Yes, that’s serious. There are consequences. He’s going through the legal process. They’re working through that process on the plea deal,” she said.

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