HE'S SHOT: A Confused Joe Biden, Mouth Agape, Has to Be Guided Away From Podium After Maui Speech (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Brandon on Monday arrived in Maui to survey the damage (more like a photo op) two weeks after deadly wildfires devastated the historic town of Lahaina.

More than 100 people are confirmed dead and nearly 1,000 people are still unaccounted for after state and federal officials failed to quickly respond to the fires.

Brandon refused to even acknowledge the suffering and loss of life after wildfires destroyed the historic town of Lahaina.

After repeatedly saying “no comment” on the rising death toll in Maui, Brandon reluctantly interrupted his vacation in Lake Tahoe to travel to Hawaii for a photo op.

Maui residents did not want Brandon to pay a visit to the island.

Brandon mumbled through a short speech in Lahaina.

He immediately began his speech by talking about himself.

Maui residents have lost everything to deadly wildfires and Brandon is talking about himself.

“I remember when I got the call about my first wife and daughter. I was a young senator and got a call in Washington and I hadn’t been sworn in yet. I wasn’t old enough and I was hiring staff at the Capitol and I got a phone call from the fire department,” Brandon said.

After delivering a short speech, a confused Brandon had to be guided away from the podium.

“You wanna grab that water for a sip?” Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz asked Brandon before guiding him away from the lectern.


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