Hillary's Campaign Manager, Creepy John Podesta, Was Interviewed by Durham

According to documents released and reported on yesterday, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s creepy campaign manager was interviewed as part of the Durham investigation looking into the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion lie. 

John Durham has reportedly been investigating the Russia collusion lie that was used as a vehicle to removed President Trump from office during his first term.  The story was a lie that originated in the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Based on records released it’s reported that John Podesta was interviewed along with others who worked for the Hillary campaign.  Techno Fog reported that the Special Counsel’s Office reported that they interviewed Clinton’s Campaign Chair (John Podesta) and other members of the Hillary gang.  These individuals claim that they were not aware of key elements of the Russia Collusion lie.

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In addition, Durham’s team served subpoenas covering documents concerning the same subject matters.

Here is Techno Fog’s tweet.

We’ve known for some time that Hillary’s gang had more to do with Russia than President Trump ever did.  Maria Bartiromo in September of 2021 referred to this during one of her segments with Devin Nunes on FOX News.  At this time Nunes mentioned that they had referred 14 criminal indictments to Durham based on their work in the House.

Bartiromo recalled her discussion with John Podesta years ago that we reported on at the time.  (The video has since been purged by YouTube.)  During one exchange she brought up that Podesta had millions related to his connections with Russia.

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