HORROR! Shocking Photos and Video From Soccer Riots at Corregidora Stadium in Mexico - 18 Reported Dead (WARNING

Hundreds of soccer fans rioted at Corregidora Stadium during a Mexican football match between Queretaro and Atlas on Saturday.

The violence was like NOTHING ever recorded at a soccer match.

In fact, this was some of the worst violence ever recorded at any sporting event. 
A soccer match in Mexico was called after massive fights broke out in the stands.  Current reports are of 18 people dead.

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Last night it was reported that at least 22 were severely injured — But it was obvious from the footage that several fans appeared dead after brutal beatings were caught on video.

More pictures were available this morning.

(WARNING – this is one of the most graphic videos of violence showing the madness at the event.)

Fans were knocked unconscious, de-pantsed and kicked repeatedly in the head.

This was horrible.

People were knocked unconscious.

And more violence.

There were reports this morning that some fans wanted the match to resume today.

The FIFA World Cup 2026 will be played in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

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