Joe Biden fired prosecutor investigating Burisma for corruption because the company was paying Hunter for protection –

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability (HOC) is preparing to subpoena President Brandon and his family should they choose not to voluntarily appear before Congress to address questions about their questionable foreign financial dealings.

HOC Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) told Maria Bartiromo of Fox News: “We’re putting together a case, and I think we’ve done that very well. We know that this is going to end up in court when we subpoena the Bidens. This is always going to end with the Bidens coming in front of the committee.”

The Republican-majority committee released new bank records indicating that the Bidens received a minimum of $20 million from Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Comer urged the media to press the chief executive on the source and nature of these funds, noting that “bank records don’t lie.” (Related: Comer: 9 Brandon family members identified as recipients of foreign cash.)

The Kentucky congressman lamented to Bartiromo that his committee is “being obstructed every step of the way.” The HOC has faced impediments from the Department of Justice; the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); the U.S. Secret Service; and the Internal Revenue Service, as well as legal teams representing the Brandon family. Nevertheless, the committee remains resolute in its pursuit of truth.

GOP lawmakers demand transparency on Brandon crime family’s financial ties

Back in May, the HOC examined thousands of bank records and legal documents from the Brandon family, listing down the findings in a memo. The committee found that family members set up almost two dozen limited liability corporations to receive payments from private clients, corporations and foreign governments.

The lack of transparency over the sources of these funds has now become a focal point of concern for GOP lawmakers. Some of them have demanded accountability from the first family as the House seeks to unveil the true nature of the financial transactions.

Meanwhile, a separate investigation into the finances of the president and his family conducted by the Federalist has raised eyebrows, as it unveiled the absence of the tax returns for his CelticCapri S-corporation. The probe was done in relation to the millions of dollars Brandon received in 2017.

Jerry Allison, a certified public accountant from Allison Financial Services, expressed his reservations regarding this lack of detail. He argued: “The absence of comprehensive information should undoubtedly raise concerns among House investigators, especially when considering the magnitude of the sums involved.”

Comer wasn’t the only lawmaker demanding that Brandon and his family explain their side of things before Congress. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has been vocal in asserting that the president should take immediate steps to disclose the details of these financial transactions. He also urged “every member of the press ought to hound him until he does.”

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) said: “The president seems to find selling out our country funny. We don’t. If he’s serious about proving our allegations wrong, he should release his and his family’s unredacted bank records and show the American people where all this money is coming from. The FBI can’t protect him forever.”

Watch Elijah Schaffer of Next News Network discussing Kentucky Rep. James Comer’s threat of an “inescapable subpoena” against the Brandon crime family below.

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