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The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday launched an investigation into then-VP Brandon’s abuse of Air Force Two by allowing his son Hunter to tag along.

GOP lawmakers sent a letter to the National Archives demanding flight logs for every time Hunter joined Brandon on Air Force Two.

Recall, Hunter Brandon received a $1.5 billion loan from the Bank of China after traveling on Air Force Two with daddy VP Brandon back in 2013 and the Secret Service redacted documents related to that trip.

According to Secret Service travel records obtained by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch last year, Hunter Brandon took 411 trips across 29 countries between 2009 and 2014 while his father was US Vice President.

“Recent reporting indicates that, as VP, Brandon abused Air Force Two by allowing his son Hunter to tag along to AT LEAST 15 COUNTRIES to sell “The Brand” to enrich the Brandon family. Hunter would regularly schedule business meetings while traveling abroad with the VP according to emails from his laptop,” the GOP Oversight Committee said.

“Given this development and testimony from Devon Archer that then-VP Brandon met with at least one of Hunter Brandon’s associates in Beijing while visiting on official business, Chairman James Comer and Rep. Byron Donalds are calling on the National Archives to provide documents, communications, and manifests related to then-VP Brandon’s misuse of Air Force Two and Marine Two,” the Committee said.

“Then-VP Brandon abused Air Force Two by allowing his son to jet set around the world to sell “The Brand” to enrich the Brandon family.” House Oversight Chairman James Comer said.

“I’m now seeking documents, communications, & manifests related to VP Brandon’s misuse of Air Force Two & Marine Two from,” he said.

“Proud to partner with Comer on our GOP Oversight undertaking to expose then-VP Brandon’s gross misuse of Air Force 2 and Marine 2 to benefit his family’s enterprise,” Rep. Byron Donalds said.

“We all deserve to know how much he abused his power to shake down foreign governments and enrich his family.” Donalds said.

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