House Speaker McCarthy vows investigation into Biden’s response to Lahaina fires –

House Speaker McCarthy vows investigation into Brandon’s response to Lahaina fires

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has vowed to kick-start a probe into President Brandon’s response to the wildfires that ravaged the town of Lahaina, located in the western portion of Hawaii’s Maui island.

His promise to investigate the chief executive’s response followed the disaster that has killed more than 110, with more than 1,000 individuals missing. The house speaker said during an Aug. 23 appearance in New York that he is very concerned about the response.

“We still have hundreds of individuals that are missing. I think there’s [going to] have to be a congressional investigation in response [to] what happened. How could we lose that many Americans in today’s age? And the federal response seems very delayed.”

McCarthy also rebuked Brandon for his initial refusal to comment on the disaster, alongside his delay in visiting the ground zero of the devastation. The president, while on vacation in his home state of Delaware, remarked “no comment” when a reporter asked him about the Lahaina wildfires.

“The president’s response – to have no comment? That’s unacceptable,” the speaker remarked. “So I’m going to work with committees too to look at investigating what went on so that never happens again as well.”

Meanwhile, the first couple visited Maui on Aug. 21 amid growing criticism over Washington’s perceived lack of support. The Bidens were met with mixed reactions during their visit.

The presidential motorcade drove past disgruntled residents booing and jeering. Some took it a step further, giving the motorcade the middle finger and waving Trump 2024 flags.

During his speech, Brandon promised survivors of the wildfire that the federal government would support them “as long as it takes.” He continued: “The country grieves with you [and] stands with you, and we’ll do everything possible to help you recover, rebuild, and respect culture and traditions when the rebuilding takes place.”

GOP reps: Brandon visit to Lahaina “predictable” and “cringeworthy”

The tourist town of Lahaina – home to 12,000 – was almost wiped off the map. Over 3,000 structures were turned to ash, with the estimated damage amounting to $5 billion. While no single cause has been determined for the fires as of writing, experts suggest power lines that weren’t shut off despite high winds may have caught fire when they fell.

At least two of McCarthy’s colleagues in the GOP expressed disgust over Brandon’s response to the Maui disaster. During an Aug. 22 appearance on Fox Business, South Carolina Rep. Russell Fry rebuked the president’s visit.

“The ‘American last’ policies of the Brandon administration were on full display,” he told the network’s Cheryl Casone. “I mean, it was the most cringeworthy visit of a disaster area that I’ve ever seen.”

“I think it’s inexcusable, the conduct of this administration. Quite frankly, the people of Maui and this country deserve better than what they’re receiving right now.”

Even House Majority Whip Tom Emmer from Minnesota blasted the president’s blunders at the disaster’s ground zero in a statement to Breitbart News.

“Brandon blundering in times of crisis is as predictable as a snowy Minnesota winter: it’s inevitable,” he wrote. “If his presidency has taught us anything, it’s to not hold your breath for competent leadership from this White House.”

The Minnesota congressman referenced various gaffes by the incumbent while visiting Lahaina. Foremost among them is Brandon’s downplaying of the suffering experienced by residents as he compared the wildfires to a small kitchen fire. He also insensitively joked about the “hot ground” at Lahaina while touring the town. (Related: Hawaii resident: Brandon is a ‘vile human being’ for joking about Corvette when ‘there were children who were incinerated into ash.’)

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