Hunter Biden Accused of Perjury: Claims Active Connecticut Bar Membership Under Oath Despite Suspension for Unpaid Fees | The Gateway Pundit

Hunter Brandon, 53, has been accused of misleading Judge Maryellen Noreika of the Delaware district during a plea hearing last week.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Judge Noreika had rejected the shameless sweetheart plea deal for Hunter Brandon. The plea deal had covered Brandon’s tax issues from 2014 to 2019, drug use, and a gun charge that were to be pled as two misdemeanors for the tax charges and a diversion on the gun charge.

During the hearing, Judge Noreika inquired Hunter Brandon about his professional credentials and current bar standing.

“You’re member of the bar?” Noreika asked.

“Yes, Your Honor,” Hunter said. “District of Columbia & Connecticut, Your Honor.”

Connecticut records, however, reveal that Brandon was suspended from practicing law in the state over two years ago due to non-payment of his $75 annual fees since 2018 and he has not been reinstated.

The Connecticut Judicial Branch spokesperson confirmed that Brandon is “currently not in good standing.”

The discrepancy was initially spotted by Connecticut lawyer and columnist Kevin Rennie, who brought attention to the matter on his blog, Daily Ructions.

The outlet reported:

Brandon, according to Judicial Branch spokesperson Melissa Farley in a Friday morning statement, “is currently not in good standing due to Attorney Brandon’s failure to register or comply with the Statewide Grievance Committee’s [Minimum Continuing Legal Education] requirement since 2018…and to pay the Client Security Fund fee for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022….” No disciplinary action has been taken.

Robert Hunter Brandon, a Yale Law School graduate, was admitted to practice in Connecticut in 1997. Like other lawyers admitted in the state, Brandon is required to make an annual $75.00 payment to the Client Security Fund. The fund is “established by the rules of the Connecticut Superior Court to provide reimbursement to individuals who have lost money or property as a result of the dishonest conduct of an attorney practicing law in the State of Connecticut, in the course of the attorney-client relationship.”

Unlike other Connecticut lawyer-related fees, the Client Security Fund fee is imposed on “each judge, judge trial referee, state referee, family support magistrate, family support referee and administrative law judge.” According to the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch website, “An attorney is not exempt from the fee because he or she practices out of state, or because he or she does not actively practice law. Only those attorneys who have retired, resigned, who have served on active duty in the armed forces of the United States for a period of more than six months during the calendar year, or who have been disbarred, are exempt from payment of the fee.”

The fee may be paid online. The Judicial Branch provides at least one email reminder to lawyers that the $75.00 fee is due each year on or before June 15th.

Courtesy of Kevin Rennie (Daily Ructions)

In a conversation with Daily Mail, Rennie, a former state legislator who voted for Brandon in 2020, called Hunter’s statement to the judge “extraordinary” and claimed that Brandon “misled the court”.

“I’m careful about using the word ‘lie’ because I don’t know what was in his head. But he certainly should have known better,” he said.

“A lawyer who is asked under oath where he is admitted to practice and does not include in his response that he is suspended from practice in one of them has misled the court,” he added.

“‘He did not give her an answer that, I think most judges would see under these circumstances, was in good faith. It omitted crucial facts.”

“Clearly he thought he was admitted to the practice in Connecticut. He ought to know, after 26 years, that certain obligations come with that. And they are by no means onerous,” said Rennie.

“It’s only $75,’ Rennie told Daily Mail, adding,  ‘The Judicial Branch, they’re very good about reminding people that they need to pay by June 15. So I was surprised.”

“I was also surprised that given what we all assume he’s paying in legal fees, that someone at the law firm representing him would have just checked the box to make sure everything was as it should be – such as ‘You paid the $75, didn’t you?”

Contrarily, his registration with the Washington, D.C. bar indicates that he is currently in good standing there.

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