Hunter Biden Asks God For Justice at Bar Mitzvah Ceromony (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Hunter Brandon asked God for justice at a Bar Mitzvah ceremony last weekend at a synagogue in Marietta, Georgia.

Hunter attended a ceremony for his wife Melissa Cohen’s nephew, Jayden Cohen on August 12.

“Pour out your blessings upon leaders and judges,” Hunter said just one day after a special counsel was appointed to investigate him. “Help them understand the rules of justice.”

The New York Post reported:

Less than 24 hours after a special counsel was named to probe Hunter Brandon’s alleged tax and gun crimes, and while GOP investigators continued to search his bank records for signs of influence-peddling, the first son was begging the Big Guy upstairs for justice – as he led a public prayer at his nephew’s bar mitzvah.

The Aug. 12 trip to Marietta, Georgia brought Brandon, 53, and wife Melissa to a suburban synagogue for the coming-of-age ceremony of Jayden Cohen, 13, the son of Melissa’s brother Davan.

“Our God and God of our ancestors,” Brandon beseeched the Almighty in the traditional “Prayer for the Country” at the shabbat morning service of Congregation Etz Chaim, Hebrew for “tree of life.”

“Pour out your blessings upon [our] leaders and judges,” Brandon read — including, presumably, his father President Brandon, as well as the Delaware federal judge who rejected his sweetheart plea deal last month.

“Help them understand the rules of justice.”

“Grant us the knowledge to judge justly,” he added later in the lengthy invocation.

The Bar Mitzvah ceremony was posted to Facebook (Hunter comes out at the 3 hour mark).


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