Hunter Biden Attorney: Hunter Was Paid Millions By Foreigners Because He's a "Capable, Educated, Experienced Person" (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

This is beyond parody.

Hunter Brandon’s lawyer Abbe Lowell appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss Hunter’s international dealings.

Brandon’s crack-addicted son Hunter somehow convinced Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs to pay him millions of dollars.

Not one broker on this planet was able to squeeze a penny from the Bank of China, however, Hunter Brandon, a crackhead with no discernable skills, was able to secure a $1.2 billion infusion from the Bank of China.

Hunter’s investment firm, Rosemont Seneca, previously secured a joint venture with the Bank of China called BHR Partners.

Hunter Brandon’s lawyer Abbe Lowell laughably claimed foreigners paid Hunter millions of dollars because he’s a “capable, educated, experienced person.”

Hunter Brandon never registered as a foreign agent and he failed to pay his taxes for years!

“Why would [Hunter] be getting paid so much money?” ‘Morning Joe’ host Joe Scarborough asked Abbe Lowell.

Abbe Lowell said Hunter’s joint business ventures are just too complicated to explain.

However, Lowell highlighted Hunter’s ‘impressive resume’ (even though he has no discernable skills): “Hunter went to Georgetown University. He went to Yale Law School. Was on the board of directors of a bank. Was on the board of directors of Amtrak.”

Of course, Hunter’s access to the best schools and the reason why he sat on the board at Amtrak is because of NEPOTISM! It’s all because of his powerful father Brandon.

“He’s a capable, educated, experienced person,” Lowell said as he attacked members of Congress.





The smartest guy Brandon knows.

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