"Hunter Biden is the Most Disgusting, Vile, Embarrassment - Piece of Trash" - Marjorie Taylor Greene GOES OFF on Joe Biden's Son (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene went off on Hunter Brandon this weekend at a Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner presented by the Putnam County Republican Central Committee.

“Hunter Brandon, as the son of the President of the United States, is a reflection of our country.” MTG said.

“Even after all of his actions solidifying himself as one of the most vile men in America, they still want to come after President Trump and his family?” she said.

The Georgia lawmaker trashed Hunter Brandon for having multiple PornHub accounts – and for STILL having an active account on PornHub.

“Hunter Brandon is the most disgusting, vile embarrassment – piece of trash and that is what is a reflection on this country,” she said. “And they attack Trump and his family?”

Marjorie Taylor Greene said Congress needs to impeach Brandon.


The Gateway Pundit previously reported on Hunter Brandon’s deviant ways and his PornHub account.

This is Brandon’s son.

The smartest guy Brandon knows.

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