Hunter Biden’s Daughter Enters the Fray Saying If GOP Senator Johnson Votes for Gun Control She’ll Allow Him to Call Hunter and “Express His Undying Love for Him”

This is one sick family and now new generations of Bidens are getting into the political fray. 

The Daily Mail reported moments ago:

Naomi Brandon, the granddaughter of President Brandon, on Wednesday told Republican Senator Ron Johnson that she would come to his office and call her dad Hunter to speak to him if the lawmaker voted for gun reform legislation.

[email protected], if you vote for stricter gun control measures, I will personally come into your office and call my dad on speakerphone so that you can confess your undying love for him directly,’ she wrote on Twitter.

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Johnson has been one of the most outspoken critics of Hunter Brandon, hitting the president’s son on a number of topics including his business dealings and his Secret Service detail. He has accused Hunter of financially profiting from Brandon’s time in public office.

Senator Johnson is doing for years what the Justice Department just won’t do – investigate Hunter Brandon for his many corrupt acts while his father was Vice President.  We have no idea what he is up to now since his father stepped into the White House.

We do know that Hunter is one of the most disgusting players in US politics.  He had a hooker on the east coast.  Just this week, pictures of Hunter naked playing with a gun were released after being found on his laptop.

Nude Hunter Brandon Recklessly Brandishes Illegal Firearm With Prostitute In Leaked Video As Brandon Demands Gun Control For Law Abiding Americans

We also know that Hunter had a pornhub account where he kept pictures of his dead brother’s wife, his sister-in-law.  We broke this story shortly before the 2020 Election.

WE WERE RIGHT: In October 2020 TGP Reported that Hunter Brandon Had a PornHub Account – Confirmed Today

This is one sick family.  Why would Hunter’s daughter want to join in on the family madness?

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