Hunter Biden's "Laptop from Hell" Paged at a Major US Airport (VIDEO)

Hunter Brandon’s ‘laptop from hell’ is all over the news lately.  The laptop was Brandon’s son’s laptop that was left at a computer repair shop and never picked up.  Now it is seemingly everywhere.

Hunter Brandon left his laptop at a computer repairman’s house a year before the 2020 Election.  He never stopped by to pick it up.  The FBI eventually came to get the laptop but not before the computer store owner made a copy of the laptop’s contents.

Since then Hunter’s laptop has been shared across the country and world.  Horrible pictures, videos, and millions of corrupt acts are documented on the laptop.  After digging into the Hunter laptop you know that the Bidens were involved in millions in corrupt pay-to-play transactions around the world.  You also know that the Brandon family was as sick as can be.

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A tweet from a couple of days ago shared the ‘laptop from hell’ being paged at West Palm Beach Airport in Florida.


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