Hunter Joins Daddy Joe at White House After Regime Spox Refuses to Comment on Evidence Joe Biden Lied About Discussing Business Dealings with Son

They’re just mocking us at this point.

Hunter Brandon joined daddy Joe at the White House on Thursday for an award ceremony.

Brandon awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to 17 recipients – including America-hating soccer star Megan Rapinoe and John McCain.

Hunter Brandon joined Brandon at the White House just days after White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to comment on the voicemail Joe left for Hunter discussing his business dealings in China.

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Brandon bragged that his son Hunter was at the White House today.


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had no answer for why Brandon left his son Hunter a voicemail regarding the family’s business deals in China.

Last week it was reported, Brandon left a voice message with his drug addict son Hunter Brandon about a ‘Chinese Spy Chief’.

This latest release tells us that Brandon lied about not speaking with Hunter about his foreign business activities.

Listen to message below:

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Karine Jean-Pierre why there was a voicemail from Brandon talking to his son about his overseas business dealings if Brandon had said he’s never spoken to Hunter about his international business activities.

“What the president said stands,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Doocy pushed back on Karine Jean-Pierre but she continued to lie and obfuscate.

She continued, “I am not going to talk about alleged materials from the laptop.”


This admin is a joke.

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