"I Believe You'll Go to Prison" - Steve Bannon Destroys Mark Esper's '60 Minutes' Interview and Admission that He Was Involved in Plotting Against the President

On Sunday former Defense Secretary went on “60 Minutes” and admitted how he and other members of the US military went behind President Trump’s back to make their own rules.

President Trump released a statement on Esper before the show aired last night calling Esper a weak and ineffective leader.

On Monday’s War Room, Steve Bannon absolutely destroyed the former Trump Secretary of Defense following his “60 Minutes” appearance.

During his interview, Mark Esper admitted he was working behind President Trump’s back with General Mark Milley to thwart any alleged moves by President Trump. Bannon mocked Esper noting that President Trump was the first US President in decades to deescalate and NOT start a new war for the United States.

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Steve Bannon also accused Esper of plotting a coup and committing treason.

Steve Bannon: Esper lays out the coup and lays out the guilt of him and Milley. And we’re going to have a massive investigation of this, sir. And I hope and believe you’ll go to prison. Because you belong in prison… You guys lied about and spun away from about getting out of Afghanistan. That you lied to Trump about all of it. The money, all of it. I can go back and prove it. I got the receipts. OK?… Were you elected by the American people to stop that, sir? Yes or no!? No. The answer is no, no you were not. This is a coup!

You must listen to this entire rant! It is priceless.

Bannon has the receipts and Milley and Esper are going down!

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